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D&G Acquisition Experts | Information Technology / Cyber
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Information Technology / Cyber

D&G supports multiple clients with Information Technology (IT) services and products to include Network Operations, Cyber/Information Assurance, Communications Infrastructure, and Secure Video Teleconferencing. We also lead Cyber Capability Analysis and Implementation programs for USCG CG-771 and Defense Logistics Agency J6.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) USF-K – JIOC-K Support

D&G provides Intelligence and Operational support to the Joint Intelligence Operations Center–Korea (JIOC-K), U.S. Forces Korea and six divisions in Korea. Our Intelligence SMEs working in the Republic of Korea provide 24/7 intelligence and operational support to the Commander, USFK and Combined Forces Command, the combined battle staff and war fighter component commanders. We deliver timely intelligence and operational support in the areas of All Source Analysis, Intelligence Planning and Execution, Watch/Indicators and Warning, ISR/Production Requirements, Targeting, Counterintelligence and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Analysis. Our support includes Joint level coordination on intelligence support to United States Pacific Command (USAPACOM), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and other National Agencies.

INSCOM Operations

D&G Intelligence personnel are subject matter experts with INSCOM’s HQ, G3, G3-OPS, and its Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) with All Source, HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, and Open Source Analysis required to meet INSCOM’s mission of providing unit commanders intelligence for the battlefield and the focus of combat power.  We have over 10 years of OIF and OEF experience supporting and being supported by INSCOM, with D&G personnel serving as Intelligence Analysts, Systems Maintainers, Master Analysts, DCGS-A Operators and Trojan Spirit Operators.

Joint Analysis Center (JAC)

D&G Intelligence personnel provided continuous support to DNDO’s Joint Analysis Center (JAC) responsible for daily intelligence analysis, threat assessments and emergency response reporting in collaboration with DOD, State, FBI and other government organizations. Our analysts also support DHS with WMD Analysis to meet the Protect the Homeland and Counterterrorism Mission, using specialized tools and processes D&G developed to monitor and report on changes to the U.S. Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA).

Communications Infrastructure Support

D&G’s subject matter experts in communications and information architectures have supported multiple DoD and DHS IT programs including the Army’s Installation and Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP), DHS Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) and Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) and Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) Joint Analysis Center (JAC) C-LAN and Secure VTC upgrades.  Expertise includes included technical studies, design, site surveys, testing and operations of deployed systems.

DHS Secure Video Teleconferencing 

In support of the DNDO CIO, D&G’s led the design, planning and installation of numerous VTC/AV systems, to include recently working with Northup Grumman to successfully replace DNDO’s Joint Analysis Center (JAC) existing ACTIVU system with an IP based AMX system utilizing RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall 4200.  DNDO’s upgraded VTC capability provides access to the OHS ESD classified enterprise core SVTC bridge infrastructure and classified services,  and 24×7 SVTC support.