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D&G Acquisition Experts | Integrated Logistics Support
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Integrated Logistics Support

D&G’s logistics expertise spans the full acquisition life cycle and numerous systems deployed across CONUS and OCONUS AORs. Subject matter expertise includes developing Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP), Material Fielding Plans (MFP), and Process/Desk Guides (PG/DG) for USCG, CBP, TSA, USSS, Army, and Navy Systems.

DHS – (CBP) Fielding Success

D&G Logistics personnel working directly with CBP, CBP OTD, and CBP ILB implemented the highly successful fielding, training and sustainment plan for the Basic Handheld System which included Level of Repair Analysis (LORA), Early Maintainability Demonstrations, and “Train-the-Trainer” Instruction at multiple CONUS locations.   D&G provided critical technical inputs during system design including self-tests, health monitoring, system modularity, and operating hours.  The end result was a significant reduction in O&M costs and ability to track key logistics related performance metrics of systems which are currently being deployed to major Ports of Entry (POE) to include New York, New Jersey and Laredo TX.


D&G’s support of DHS Human Portable TripWire (HPT) Program included working with CG-4 and DOL-44 to significantly improve the deployment training inventory control, warranties, and contractor logistics support (CLS) for over 1,000 HPT Systems providing next generation radiation/nuclear detection capabilities throughout the USCG’s Sectors, Small Boat Stations, and MSRTs.  This effort included coordination and approval by HQ USCG, LantArea and PACAREA commands of the HPT ILSP and MFP.

DLA – Theater Consolidated Shipping Point (TCSP)

In work that has spanned the past decade, D&G has provided support for DLA’s five current Theater Consolidation and Shipping Points and multiple other locations supporting the deployed warfighter. The facilities are the closest DLA point of contact with Army, Air Force, USMC, Navy and Allied forces in Theater.  Our support includes analysis of the cost benefit and impact on theater performance of standing up facilities to include Guam, Japan, Pearl Harbor and Kandahar.

DLA – J3 Distribution

D&G is responsible for the research, coordination, establishment and maintenance of several databases for Distribution J3.  Our support includes SAS programming of information from various data sources to include the Distribution Standard System (DSS), Vendor Shipment Module (VSM), DORRA Data Warehouse (DW), Fusion, and USTRANSCOM databases (iSDDC, etc.).  In addition, we have extensive experience with other DLA J3 and DLA Distribution efforts to include developing the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) CONOPS and leading JCTDs in support of DLA’s capability to deploy units worldwide within 48 hours.


D&G senior personnel are the primary authors of the DHS Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA), GNDA Strategic Plan, and GNDA Implementation Plan.  Our team members have performed over two dozen red team net assessments of DHS, DoD, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies’ abilities to respond to rad/nuc contingent operations and incident response scenarios.  D&G personnel also lead the DNDO Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and in 2014-201, provided Law Enforcement /First Responder Training and Operational Support to 80 separate exercises and WMD related events throughout the United States.


D&G personnel were recently recognized as the DNDO Program Team of the Year for their outstanding support of the Small Vessel Standoff Detection (SVSD) Program, a joint effort with the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), United States Coast (USCG), and United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air & Marine (A&M).  The success of this program required extensive knowledge of all CBRNE threats within each component’s operational environments, the skills to support extensive modelling of classified threats and threat materials against proposed solutions, and the ability to manage performance and operational testing of systems against surrogate WMD threats.  SVSD began fielding across the United States Borders in January 2015.

DHS (CWMD) – Mobile Detection Deployment Program (mddp) TRAINING

D&G has supported the MDDP since 2011 with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) whose experience spans DoD, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USCG, CBP, TSA, NNSA, Department of Energy (DOE), and DTRA deployed forces.  This effort includes both training, exercise support and real world events providing rad/nuc detection, identification, and adjudication capabilities to Presidential Inaugurations, Super Bowls, and other major events.