D&G has successfully supported DHS, DoD, and DOE CWMD/CBRNE programs since 2011. Our expertise includes requirements development, threat assessments, modeling and simulation, systems development, systems integration, test & evaluation, and fielding of systems and capabilities. In recognition of its support, D&G has received the following awards: DHS Secretary Program Manager of the Year Award, DHS Secretary Acquisition Team of the Year, DNDO Director’s Team of the Year Award, and DNDO Director’s Program Team of the Year. Examples of our work include:

  • Supported the Small Vessel Standoff Detection Vehicle Program, a joint effort with the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office.
  • Provided Law Enforcement /First Responder Training and Operational Support to exercises and WMD-related events throughout the United States.
  • Program/Technical SMEs for all CWMD Level I – III programs.
  • Led the CWMD Program Integration Team and Program Integration Management Systems Office.
  • Led CWMD’s planning, coordination and implementation of the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) for the CIO and SSD Directorates.
  • Developed next-generation radiation/nuclear detection capabilities throughout the USCG’s Sectors, Small Boat Stations, and MSRTs.
  • Supported CWMD’s Test & Evaluation Master Plans, Limited Characterization Testing, Modeling and Simulation, Developmental Testing, Operational Testing, and Standards Testing (GRADER).
  • Led CWMD’s R&D projects including the CWMD SBIR, SIGMA and RAIN programs. We are one of the original authors of DNDO/CWMD’s R&D Technology Transition Plan.
Training Exercises Executed
Systems Deployed